Change in Workout and a New Strava Personal Record

In the past few months, and until three days ago, my exercise routine had mainly consisted of running or rowing. The duration of my workouts had been climbing steadily, and it reached a point where I was doing one of these activities (rowing or running) for about 85 minutes at one sitting. The penalty for this type of exercise routine was not being able to exercise for more than three consecutive days, sometimes requiring a rest day after only two consecutive days of exercise. So three days ago, I decided to do something different – I rowed for 60 minutes and followed that up with a 5 km run. It felt good. Because I was pressed for time on September 20, I simply rowed for 85 minutes so that I could complete some work later in the evening. Yesterday evening (September 21), I rowed for 60 minutes and ran 5.24 km. I felt fast but it was tough towards the end. I later found out I had run my fastest 5 km recorded on Strava!