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Selected essays on healthcare quality improvement and patient safety.

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Health Issues

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in March 2018.

My other chronic medical conditions include:

Because of my borderline fasting glucose levels, I have been watching my weight more than I would otherwise.

In March 2020, I developed erectile dysfunction and urinary symptoms from road cycling. Googling the topic may lead you to some (armchair) experts who claim that cycling does not increase the risk of erectile dysfunction. However, based on my experience and the tens of fellow cyclists who got in touch with me after I published the post, I know the problem is real and can be remediable if people act on the correct information.

See this problem list for all my current and past medical problems.

Key Measures

CRP <0.20 mg/dL (normal) on 09/13/2022

ESR 7 mm/hr (normal) on 09/13/2022

Fasting BSL 5.8 mmol/L (normal) on 09/13/2022

Weight 65.80 kg on 09/13/2022