Recovering From a Back Sprain

I sprained my back from an excessive exercise routine in early October 2020.

I sprained my back two weeks ago, probably from excessive rowing. My last row (72 minutes) was on October 7, 2020, after which the low back pain was too severe for me to do any exercise. Besides the pain, the back was as stiff as a board from muscle spasms, presumably of the lumbar region of the erector spinae. I wasn’t able to stand up straight for about a week.

Therefore, any exercise was out of the question. I went for a 48-minute slow jog on October 19, 2020. On October 20, 2020, I took a break because I was aching in the low back and lower limbs, and I didn’t want to injure myself further before my medical appointment on October 21 (yesterday).

I was feeling unwell yesterday, so I took the day off from exercise.

I did a light row for 60 minutes this afternoon with no issue. Throughout the row, I was careful to maintain my form. The pain seems to be improving in the past few days, but there is some residual pain when rolling in bed.

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