A discourse of my personal health issues and physical fitness.

This PROBLEM LIST summarizes my current and past medical problems.

Borderline Blood Glucose Level

My fasting blood glucose level was 5.6 mmol/L, or 100 mg/dL, on July 6, 2021, and October 5, 2021. This level is at the American Diabetes Association’s lower limit for diagnosing impaired fasting glucose.

Liver Function Test Back to Normal

With diet modification, moderate exercise, and liver supplements over the past three months, my liver enzymes are back to normal.

My PSA Is Normal

I had a mildly raised PSA level in April 2020. However, it was within normal limits in June and has remained so in October.

Kombucha Is Not for Me

I experienced a depressed mood and apathy after drinking a small quantity of kombucha.